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would you like to twirl on my dance floor?

I’m not a fan of carpet. I like wood. And of course, being built in 1979, we don’t have any cool old floors hiding underneath our house full of carpet.

So I’m putting in hardwood. Which is a BIG commitment and a tough decision. I thought about this one for at least six months. I checked out flooring in a bunch of showrooms, I had a guy come out and bring samples so I could look at them in our space. Nothing really jiived with me. The engineered stuff is cool, but I see it in SO MANY houses these days that I worry it is trendy and I’ll be tired of it soon. I love classic hardwood but with it’s thickness, I run into awkward transitions to the other rooms and my Roomba problem. So I went on an adventure to Cosmos, MN to check out reclaimed barn wood flooring, which I LOVE, but doesn’t feel right in this ’80s house.


So. I decided to kick it old school. Like, REALLY old school. And got PARQUET!!! This stuff not only screams ’80s, but it’s also a throwback to the really olden days so it feels like it belongs in here. Plus it’s kind of unique, I don’t see much of it in other peoples houses and it’s pretty cheap since it is not a popular item!

There were two colors I liked so I ordered a case of each and laid them out in my room before I made my choice.


I asked Facebook which one and they were mostly right 😉 But I knew, as soon as I laid them out that the natural was the winner! You can’t really see how colorful it is in this pic, but the individual strips of woods have a ton of variation that really gets lost under the dark stain.

Now to rip up that carpet!

rip up carpet

This is where the project changed from a relatively quick, easy, and cheap one, into a giant undertaking….

Notice that little patch of OSB in the lower right corner? Well, there were several of these under the carpet, along with a ton of spots where water had sat on the particle board for long enough to ripple it up and grow mold. Yum.

So. Of course we had to pull up the sub flooring.

Most people put down OSB which is cheaper, but we went w/ plywood because it’s sturdier and won’t ripple if it happens to get wet again, which we hope it won’t, but if we’re going to do it, we might as well do a good job, right?


I buy lumber from Siwek for a few reasons. 1. They are awesome. 2. They deliver for cheap. 3. They are not menards or home depot so we are “shopping local” and if you tell them you’d rather buy it from them than a big box store, they usually cut you a little deal. I ordered enough plywood to replace the subfloor in both rooms that are connected, but I’m only doing the one room right now, but then I only have to pay the $30 to deliver it once. =)

My super awesome husband helped me pull up the old subfloor and lay down the new one. This was a dirty, sweaty job and produced a TON of waste which was a bummer because we had to get a bagster to get rid of it all…things you don’t think about until after you’ve ripped it all out…“what are we going to do w/ all of the shiz….?”

Now for the fun part!


This is a glue down floor, which is good, because it won’t be creaky or noisy, but glueing down a floor is MESSY! These parquet tiles go in really easily. I snapped a chalk line so I would know where to start and that they would be straight. Then just spread the glue, push the tile down, and then scoot the next one in. You need to make sure you don’t push the tiles you have previously laid down out of position as you push consecutive tiles into place. Make sure to wipe the glue off as you go, and if you’re like me, you’ll end up washing your hands and feet every 15 mins or so or you’ll be glued to your floor.

I got this far before I ran out of glue because I am bad at math :/


I carefully scraped up all the glue that remained on the subfloor and out of the grooves of the tiles. I didn’t want to have to deal with it after it dried when I came back to finish up this little space and the perimeter tiles that needed to be cut.


Cutting these little guys is a bit of a pain. Because they are tongue and groove, you have to be a little careful when you line up your cut that it stays even and that you are measuring from the right place. Also, my oh-so-thoughtful-forward-thinking husband pointed out that my saw had too big of teeth and I would likely tear the shiz out of my tiles if I didn’t get a different one so he picked up a saw blade with smaller teeth for me.

IMG_8636This is my lovely assistant, helping me keep the baby occupied while I installed the last few tiles.


And here is my finished floor! Next up, I’m building a full-wall bookshelf for that blue wall! Then I’ll redo the trim around the floors and the window, then we can move all of our stuff from that adjoining room into this room while I do the floors in that one. Yay projects!

xoxo, Amy Ranae!

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