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super cute bedroom project!

bedroom before

HB’s bedroom before

So we just bought this town home a few weeks ago, maybe a month now, and we’ve finally gotten to a place where I can think about projects and MAN, am I FULL of ideas! The first thing on my list is HB’s room. I want it to be cute and girly w/o being too disney princess-y and still a little classy but fun too. She loves pink, but I’ve been in too many plain pink/hotpink/light/pink bedrooms and I don’t like them. They are overwhelming and look cheap. I started by browsing Pinterest to come up with some ideas.

the palette

the palette

I liked the idea of keeping the dark brown wall and possibly utilizing some of the other brown. I headed to the home depot and menards to pick up some paint samples. Like PILES of them. I spread them all out on the table and picked the ones I thought I liked the best; still not totally knowing what I was going to do with them. I ended up with 4. The dark brown on the existing wall, society pink, faded pink, and a dark magenta.



the inspiration

I have this skirt from costco, it was $12 and it’s made out of yoga pants fabric. The waist is soft, and when I wear it, I sort of look like I’m dressed and put together, but I’m totally comfortable. Also. I LOVE the pattern on it. After my Pinteresting, I learned that this is called damask and that you can purchase stencils to spill it on a whole wall. I found lots of stencil sites, but the one that seemed to have the best selection and information on how to do it was Cutting Edge Stencils. They are expensive, but I found the stencil to be pretty high quality when it arrived. Even throughout the process, it never ripped or tore as I imagine a cheaper one might have. All in all, this was the most expensive item in her room project.


society pink!

I sort of had a plan coming along. I wanted to do the darker of the light pink over the brown with the damask stencil and use the two pinks on the surrounding walls but I wasn’t sure how. I let it cook in my brain for a few days and it hit me. Stripes. Fat stripes. I thought this might be a little ballsy though since stripes can be bold and I knew the pattern was bold, but I figured, if I didn’t like it I could just paint over it. I decided on 8-ish inch stripes of the lightest pink over the darker pink à la Victoria Secret bags only with lighter hues.
I use Dutch Boy Refresh paints for everything. It’s VOC free and it covers well in one to two coats. It’s not stinky and it safe to do inside in the winter, even without a window open. I used it for my entire last house, and I’ll continue to use it. Also, it’s fairly cheap! About $27 for a gallon. I get it at Menards.

I painted the ceiling a fresh and clean white and the three brown walls society pink.

Freshly whitened ceiling, 2 coats of society pink

Freshly whitened ceiling, 2 coats of society pink

I LOVE it! It looks brighter already! I had to wait a few days to let the paint cure before taping off for the stripes.

On Saturday, I got my Frog Tape out. (Regular blue tape DOES NOT WORK well for striping or any kind of masking other than baseboards and doorways because the paint seeps underneath no matter how well you do pressing it down) Frog Tape has some kind of goo in the adhesive that seals the edges nicely so your lines come out crisp and sharp. It’s also a lower tack than most of the blue stuff so it won’t pull up layers of paint with it when you take it off. Pay extra for it, it’s worth it!

When it comes to measuring, I’m not that precise. I grew up with a father who ‘measures twice and cuts once’. I’m much more of an eyeball it kind of girl. In my opinion, imperfections make things better. Plus, I’m always working to decrease stress in my life and stressing about uneven lines or slightly crooked lines is just not for me. So I got out a ruler (not a level :)) measured 8 inches from the corner in several spots (which was NOT STRAIGHT and I don’t care!) and did my first tape line. Then I measured from my tape line, and continued that way around. I had no idea how it was going to end up when I got to the last corner, but I got lucky and ended up with the last stripe being about 8.5 inches and completely undetectable.


Taped for striping

It looks like the stripes are uneven with the taping but thats because only every other stripe gets painted, so the space between stripes is covered up with tape. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but if you try this at home, you’ll see what I mean.


With stripes painted in

I rolled the stripes with a 6″ foamy brush. I LOVE these. Like, WAY more than the regular nappy brush you roll walls and ceilings with. And honestly, for my next project, I might just use them for the whole thing. They roll smoothly and cover REALLY well. The edges blend in nicely, and sometimes, you only need one coat! I only had to do one coat of the lighter pink and they look pretty solid.


striped with one coat of faded pink

I was planning to do a second coat but after it dried, it looked pretty good. I pulled off the tape and nearly died with delight! I LOVE IT!

I set my alarm for bright and early so I could get started with my damask. I had a feeling it was going to be a BIG project.


this is what the stencil looks like

Yikes! I was nervous. Also, I did it wrong. A few times. BUT. I just wiped if off quickly with a wet paper towel. Gave it a quick roll with the brown and waited a few minutes for it to dry. In the meantime, I taped off my window trim so I could start painting that bright white.

Also, I did this wrong. It comes with a second little piece to be used for the ceiling line. At this point, I didn’t quite understand how the pattern fit together. (graphic design kids will know what I’m talking about—seamless tiles and registration…) So, when you see the finished product, it’s noticeable where my mistake is. Again. I’m ok with this, but next time, I know how to do it.

If I were you, I’d start with the little piece at the ceiling. The reason I did NOT do this is that it’s skinnier than the main stencil and I wanted to make sure it lined up. Tape them together where they are supposed to register, then tape the small part to wall at the top. Then pull off the big one, and roll the little one. That way, you’ll have it right. Don’t worry about seepage under the stencil. It’s COMPLETELY unavoidable unless you use a spray adhesive and completely clean your stencil between rolls (and it would take you the rest of your life to complete this project). The one thing I would do differently next time would be to do only one coat, so it appears a bit eroded anyway.

You need to give them about 5-10 minutes to dry before you do the next one. Once you have the first row done, it goes faster, because you can work in and every-other fashion and don’t have to worry about smudging the not quite dry paint. It’s such a thin coat that it drys pretty fast. Use your foamy rollers!


Every other after the first row allows for continuous stenciling without smudged paint.

After you roll the first stencil, the whole registration thing makes total sense. The little star-like flowers to the right are the registration marks. Simple overlay the stencil on those as you move right. Also, you’ll also learn, that you should only lightly cover those portions on the first pass, since you’ll be hitting them again on your next row. Otherwise, they will be darker than the rest of the stencil. The instructions say you are supposed to practice on a large piece of paper before you do your wall, but I’m much more of a learn as you go kind of girl. =)


Just keep going!

You can see my registration error at the top by now. I’m totally ok with it, but I know how to do it next time. You need to give the actual stencil a minute to dry between rolls too because the paint that seeps out the back will smudge all over your base color. I just tape it to my ladder for a minute and go roll a coat of white on the window. You will also find that your stencil gets clogged up after a few rolls. Let it dry for a few minutes and peel the paint off until the small holes are opened up again.

At this point, it’s about lunch time. I worked from just before 7a, until around 4p to get it done. My only regret is the right corner. Because I knew there was paint all over the back of it and I was tired and didn’t feel like washing the whole thing, taping off the pink striped wall, etc. I knew the registration would be wrong, and at that point I was so tired and over it that I just wung it. You can see that the alignment is not quite right. Again, I’m cool with it. But I know how to do it better next time! Also, I like the variation, so it doesn’t really bother me. If you are type A. This project is not for you.


Voilà! HB’s room after

I LOVE IT! Like SO MUCH! I love laying in the dark with my daughter reading stories with her pink lamp and seeing the pattern. It’s so delightful. The rhythm is attractive and I LOVE how the stripes worked out. I don’t think it’s busy and it’s not boring.

As you might notice, the dark magenta from the original palette didn’t make an appearance. Initially, I was going to use it as an accent color, or do one of the stencils darker. But as I got going, I was REALLY loving what was happening. I may bring it in on the bookshelf near the bed. I’m thinking about stenciling the shelves on it with the brown and the magenta.

Next up: cute bedding, a crown canopy with twinkle lights and matching drapes, rug, organize the closet, and a super fancy vanity for my little dress up girl.


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