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I sell houses
buying/selling your house should be fun, not stressful.


Ok so here’s what I’m thinking. You may have read my new goals post about a month ago where I was considering a few different options about what to do with myself now. And while I am certainly considering a few of those options, even actively pursuing them (offering on rental property! but nothing under contract yet!) I’ve identified another little hole that I’m excited to explore.


Here’s why:

  1. There are no good podcasts for real estate agents. The ones that exist are pretty much all about cold calling, mailing, and I’m-so-great-blah-blah-blah. When I got my license I sort of cobbled together what I needed to know from many different sources, most of them not even in the real estate realm. Because of this, I feel like I have some good insight about the challenges agents (new and maybe even experienced) struggle with. I would like to share these ideas.
  2. I used to teach (nutrition classes at NWW). And I REALLY liked it and I REALLY miss it. And I think I was pretty good at it. When I realized this, I reached out to a friend of mine who teaches classes at our realtor association and she thought it was a great idea for me to teach there. But the more I thought about teaching and what kind of classes I could offer, the more I wondered if this is the right venue at my particular moment in life, ie. I have a new baby and I don’t want to get a sitter… Also, I feel like the people who teach there have a high level of expertise that I do not possess. I am not an expert in anything. I love real estate. And I am good at it. But I am not an expert and honestly, I don’t think I want to be. There are so many different avenues I’d like to explore rather than become an expert in any particular area. And so, I’ll leave the continuing ed teaching to the experts. Shout out to classes at MAAR. They are excellent!
  3. I’ve been asked to mentor a handful of times in the last few months. While I would love to help people out, I don’t think being my shadow is really a good way to learn. I can help people with specific questions, or point them in the right direction, but I can’t make them do the work or give them work to do. I can share solutions that I’ve figured out over the last few years and examples of what has and hasn’t worked. You’ve got to decide what works for you. Even though all the different brokerages/coaching/training programs will tell you that their method is the way, at the end of the day it will only work for you if you are into it. Plus this way, I can potentially help a WHOLE BUNCH of people instead of just one at a time. AND, I don’t have to get a babysitter 😉
  4. So that brings me to number four, which is why the eff not?! What does/could it hurt? It will cost me ZERO DOLLARS to try it. If it sucks, big deal, I tried, and the internet is full of all kinds of crappy attempts at all sort of things. So I figure, it can’t hurt and it is sure to be a ton of fun, so it’s worth a shot.

So here is the plan: I’m going to do like Tim Ferriss (one of my FAVE podcasters and authors) and make a commitment of 6 episodes. So far I’ve got a few people lined up to chat with. I want to have casual conversations with people who do this work, or are trying to do this work and discuss things that work well or don’t work at all. I’m going to make something I would listen to. We shall see how it goes! My goal is to release my first episode by the first week in October and then one each week for the next 5 weeks. Then, based on the feedback I get and whether or not I like doing it, I’ll decide if I want to continue.

Realtor friends: if you want to come on my podcast and chat, let me know! Or if you know someone I should chat with, please introduce me or send me their digits


As always, XOXO!!!

Amy Ranae.

PS. Here are my FAVORITE podcasts:

  1. The Tim Ferriss Show
  2. Balanced Bites
  3. Gimlet Media shows, particularly: Start Up, Reply All, and Science Vs.
  4. Afford Anything
  5. BiggerPockets
  6. Revisionist History

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