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painted cabinets and freshy fresh chopping block

The LAST project in this house is complete! Time to start packing! And why did I not do this when we first moved in? I have NO idea because it was a super quick and cheap project. Total cost: about $20 in sanding disks and chopping block oil. I already had the paint and primer on hand for the cabinets.

Here’s what I was working with for countertops. They were super lovely, but they had been pretty well beat up. All they needed was a good sanding and some reconditioning.


Mostly, the countertop project required a dust mask, a whole lotta sanding disks (150 and 220 grit) and a bit of elbow grease. I started with the 150 grit and gave it a good sanding. Make sure to work back and forth with the grain and don’t concentrate on one area too long or you’ll get a big dip there. Change sanding disks when they get clogged up. These countertops had some kind of wax on them so I went through a TON.


Once I had all of the deep groves from the knives (note: use a cutting board people! just because your countertops are chopping block does NOT give you permission to chop on them!), I switched to 220 grit disks and gave it another good once over so remove any of the little swirls that are created from the rougher sandpaper and the radial sander. You can feel with your hand as you go to make sure you’re getting all of the little grooves out, it should feel O-So-Smooooooooothe!


This is a VERY messy project, fortunately for me though, my countertops are cedar so it smelled AMAZING!

Once I was done, I wiped them down with a warm, damp paper towel to get all of the dust off.

roomba…and I let Roomba handle to floor clean up =)

Then I saturated a clean cloth with chopping block oil. I let it sit for 20 mins (per the directions) and then wiped off the excess and reapplied. I ended up having to do this about 5 times on the areas that needed the most sanding and only about twice on the areas that weren’t that cut up.

As you can see, they turned out great! This whole project was about 2 hours from start to finish with a bit of touch up on the oil over the next few days as it soaked into the wood.


Next up: painting the cabinets. Here are the before pictures:


4kitchenThey are boring 1993 stock cabinets and they look TERRIBLE with all the barn wood and the chopping block. It’s just TOO much wood!

So. I painted them white =)

Sweetened White to be exact. The same white I’ve used for the trim and some other cabinets in the house so they will all tie together. I did two coats of primer and two coats of paint with my favorite foamy brushes. It took about two and a half weeks in all, working in sections small enough so the doors would fit on my kitchen table.


If we weren’t moving away in three weeks, I would put some funky hardware on and tear down that 1993 4×4 backsplash, but alas. It is time to start packing and the new homeowner will need something to do, yes?

Here is the completed kitchen!



As you can see, MUCH better, MUCH brighter! If it were me staying in the house I might have done the cabinet under the sink dark and replaced that countertop too, but it’s not me staying in the house now.

Onward to a new house full of new projects!

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