I sell houses
Amy Ranae

I sell houses
buying/selling your house should be fun, not stressful.

Me, on a podcast =)

amy VSM podcastSo I wrote about how I want to start a podcast last time. Well, that didn’t happen because I bought a townhouse and that kind of took over (post about that coming very SOON!). And honestly, while I REALLY want to host a podcast, I don’t quite have the spin figured out. I really want to do an agent development podcast with training stuff, but that doesn’t really make sense to do at this particular moment in time. It will in the near future though I think. =)

So I’m tabling that in favor or selling a ton of houses AND being a guest on other podcasts. I recored one last week with Goran V. at VSM Real Estate and it was a TON of fun.

You can listen to the full episode here. Any please do! And tell your friends =)

I’ve got a list of a few of my favorite podcasts that I’m going to try to get guest spots on so stay tuned for more of this fun stuff this year! Please let me know if there are any of your favorite podcasts I should try to get a spot on.


XOXO Friends!

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