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the fanciest kitty door I’ve ever seen

Ok this project happened a while back but I love it so much that I have to share it on here too.

So. The ever present problem with kitties is where to put the litter box. Luckily, we have plenty of space in our laundry room in the basement so it’s pretty far away from our living space. Unfortunately, the door to the basement is not in a place that it can just be left open for access so when we moved in, we just took it off, knowing that we’d have to figure something out before baby can crawl (at that point he was still inside of me and this wasn’t a real problem).

When I started looking at commercially available kitty doors I realized that they were essentially $20-60 plastic holes! Which seems crazy. I can cut a hole for ZERO DOLLARS! So that’s what I did.

I drew a little mouse-hole but at kitty size template on a piece to cardboard and traced it onto the door.


This is about 6″ wide by maybe 10-12″ tall in the middle. I used a drill to make a hole and then cut it out with a jig saw. Unfortunately for you, I don’t have a pic of the hole.

These are hollow core doors so it’s not very pretty. Rather than just leaving the hole which would be 1. ugly, and 2. a place for small items to disappear, and 3. probably a safety hazard, I taped and mudded around. I just used regular mesh sheetrock tape and mud. I’m not sure that this is the proper application or use of these products but it worked pretty well and seems to be holding up!


Here is my taped hole. I pretty much just frosted it, the first coat was pretty thick and bumpy. I came back and sanded and mudded again maybe 3  or 4 times on each side until it was smooth.


Once I had it pretty well smoothed out, I gave the whole door a nice sanding and mudding since it’s pretty old and has certainly been well loved. I did two coats of pretty thick primer, focusing on the heavily mudded area to help seal it in, and then gave the whole door two coats of my favorite white: sweetened white by Dutch Boy. It’s just a touch warm and I LOVE it.

Now, I could do my TAADAA now, but the more I looked at this hole the more it felt like it needed to be a little more fancy….


…So I got out my acrylics, poured a cup of tea and got busy painting…


…and now my sweet kitties have the fanciest kitty door in town!


Total cost of project: ZERO DOLLARS!

Total time invested: WAY TOO MUCH 🙂


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