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I sell houses
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I suppose I am nesting

Lots has happened this year, along with selling our townhouse and buying a real big grown up house in the ‘burbs, we are having a baby! In Jan! It’s quite exciting. But also, we have been so busy with all of this other nonsense that I haven’t put a ton of thought into what to do with this new child when it arrives. One morning I decided I needed to do some craigslist browsing so I would, at the very least, have a place for this child to sleep. I used a moses basket with HB and loved the convenience of being able to move her around easily. Plus I think cribs are over priced and their use is too short lived for me to want to purchase one. I also do not enjoy leaning over them to comfort baby so I don’t really want to deal w/ that.


I scored a gently used moses basket with a rocking stand for $40 on craigslist (probably $150+ new). It came with a mattress, but it’s one of those “waterproof” mattresses that is so crinkly I couldn’t bare to make a baby sleep on that noisy plastic thing. I decided I could create a few spare mattresses that would be washable and that is just what I did. =)


Here is my sweet craigslist score!

templateThe project was fairly simple and probably only took a few hours, although I worked at it over about 2 weeks. I used the old crinkly mattress as a template. I traced around it onto a piece of cardboard and cut it out. Then I laid the cardboard template onto my fabric, which I had already folded in half in order to get two identical pieces. I lined one edge of the template up with the folded edge of the fabric which reduced the amount of stitching I would have to do.



After I had all 4 pieces cut out, I used the template to cut out the stuffing. I got regular quilt batting and folded it in half so it would be double-thickness. Sorry I don’t have a pic of this, but I think you’ve got the idea.

First, flip the fabric so it is right-side-in. Stitch around the edges leaving about a 8 inch opening somewhere in order to stuff it. I left my opening on the straight part. Once I stitched, I flipped it right-side-out and carefully placed the stuffing, making sure to spread it out evenly. Then I folded in the raw edges and top stitched the hole closed. I know there are methods for making this part of it invisible or less visible but this is not important to me. I repeated this process with all 4 mattresses.


these are pinned, you can see it’s not that even, but when I stitched them in place, I used the distance of my thumb to space them out evenly.

Since I want these to be washable, I needed to make sure the stuffing stays in place in the dryer and these things always lay flat, vs. getting all bunched up. I was planning on just doing some top stitching w/ the machine but the thickness of the batting wouldn’t allow for it. I pinned the mattresses in several places, cushion style and hand stitched the batting in place in a similar manner as one would use to attach a button, only sans button, and ended up with a bunch of little x’s holding the batting in place.



finished mattress



the extra three. ready to replace the one in the basket as soon as it gets peed on =)



So there we have it, one thing placed in the empty room, waiting for baby to come and snuggle in it and another little project wrapped up: four, washable, non-crinkly, non-noisy, baby mattresses. Total expense: $40 for basket, $24 worth of fabric and stuffing, about 2 hours of effort. That seems like a sweet deal to me =)

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