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I sell houses
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i have summer fever

I’ve had spring fever for so long now that it has turned into full blown summer fever. I have projects oozing out my ears but it’s really not warm enough to do any/many of them yet. So today I took the 2 hours of warmth without wind/rain/sn*w that we’ve been having lately and spray painted the diving board. So it’s ready,¬†you know, for two-ish months from now when the pool is open and actually warm enough to swim in. Impatient I am!

It was rusty. It is old. Who knows how old actually and we decided that if we tried to unscrew it to replace it or just clean it up in a more thorough manner, we’d probably bust off the screws and never get it back on. So, I just hosed it down. I put too much bleach on the top side and now it is sparkly white =)

This afternoon, I taped it all off and gave it two good coats of spray paint. Color, Lagoon. I really liked this color when it was wet but now that it’s drying it’s a bit greener than I was hoping and I’m pretty sure it will not match the pool, but as it is not open for me to see what color it is, I may be re-painting when we finally get this cover off. Impatience makes more projects.

Oh well =) I feel accomplished and I think it’s cute for now!

diving board copy

That’s all for now! I’ve got a big one I’m working on I’ll share when it’s finally done =)


xoxo, Amy Ranae

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