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I sell houses
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dear universe, thanks for being awesome all the time.

So this thing happened this week that has, once again, reinvigorated my belief that the universe will always take care of you if you listen and try hard to not be an asshole. I have seen this happen over and over again, but each time it does I feel overcome with amazement. It’s so cool.

Here’s what happened.

I got hit by a semi.

Not cool. This happened a few weeks ago. It was a VERY LOW SPEED collision, more like a slow scraping, but nevertheless, my precious brand new car (the first car I ever worked hard for and bought w/ my own $$$) got wrecked. (Yes, I was fine, everyone was fine. It’s just a huge pain.)


seriously friends, not a ton of damage, not a huge deal. it just felt like it and is a huge pain to deal with….nobody has time for this kind of nonsense.

Now, if I was listening to the universe, I know why this happened. That day, I had over-scheduled myself with appointments ping-ponging back and forth all over town. I knew when I accepted the last two showings (to which I never made it, that I had taken on too much for that day). So getting hit by a semi was the universe’s not-so-subtle way of telling me to calm my ass down.

And so I did. I actually had quite a bit of down time over the next few weeks to the point where I was feeling a little bored and sad. And dealing w/ insurance and all that related nonsense plus the change in the weather to cold and cloudy was starting to get to me. Yes, I got some projects done around the house, but I felt like I wasn’t working as much as I need to be and was spending too much time as a bum.

It all came to a breaking point the day I dropped my car off at the body shop to get fixed. I parked it next to another focus in the lot, assuming (incorrectly…you know what happens when you assume) it was my rental car.

Now, if you’ve met me you will know that I’m VERY proud of my car. It’s not necessarily a nice car, but it’s super fun to drive and I drive a TON so that’s important to me. I also am not good w/ being out of my ‘space’ which I knew I was about to be for a few days. And when I’m uncomfortable I get snotty and rude, without really knowing it in the moment.


So the car guy was asking where I parked and I told him “next to the focus that isn’t as cool as mine”… He, trying to save my ass said something to the effect of “well, it’s the same car under the sticker” …and of course I do not pick up on this and go on exuberantly “no, that one is a titanium and mine is an ST” in my most snotty way. So he walks me out into the shop and points out that the other girl in the waiting room is the owner of the titanium….and I am a BIG asshole.


I try pretty hard to not be an asshole. In fact, it’s one of my basic business (and life) principles:

  1. Don’t be an asshole
  2. Be a nice girl
  3. Do what you say you will do.

Needless to say I felt pretty yucky about that all day and all night. I actually lost sleep over it. I walked into the gym later that day and people noticed what a crab I was. Partially because I had to drive a rental car (out of my element and super uncomfortable), but partially because I felt super yucky about being a mean girl.

And business had REALLY felt like it had slowed down in the last few days and I was starting to feel like I needed to hustle, but I knew that if I hustled w/ this muck hanging over me I wasn’t going to attract the kind of people I enjoy working with. So I needed to do something.

I called the bodyshop and asked if I could buy that girl an oil change and carwash to apologize for being an insensitive jerkface. The guy was surprised but he said he would see what we can do. Not ten minutes later, I get an email letting me know a property I’ve had a buyer dreaming about for weeks (she had lost it in multiples a few weeks prior) had just come back on the market and we were able to get an offer in quickly and she got the deal!

*insert goosebumps here*


I did my best to right my wrong. I understand that an oil change and a carwash doesn’t make my rude comments go away, but I feel like I went a little out of my way to apologize. And the universe rewards me with a nice easy little deal. And this is how it works ALL of the time if you actually take a minute to look back at it. It is awesome. In the true sense of that word.

The moral of the story is: you never really know what is going on w/ other people. How do I know that this other girl didn’t work REALLY hard to buy her titanium (which, I think is technically a fancier car than mine as far is the inside goodies goes…) and that she wasn’t just as proud of it as I was of mine. Plus, she was in there because she had just gotten rear ended and she was probably just as cranky about her problems as I was about mine.

You don’t know. So just be nice.

And if you slip up, and have a moment of asshole in your stress, realize it and apologize. That’s part of being a big girl.

Also friends, if you like this kind of goosebumpy stuff, read Big Magic. It is Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest book and it essentially goes on and on about how this stuff works. You might think this is all a bit cheesy, which I’ll admit, it can be, but that doesn’t make it any less real.


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