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I sell houses
buying/selling your house should be fun, not stressful.

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here we go again: tile time!

  Almost done! Time to rip out the nasty old shower and put in a shiny new tub and floor! As you may know, I leave the hard work to my dear husband, which he does not love, but I deeply appreciate. He started ripping out our shower on a Friday night after work and […]

new stairs!

Sadly, I do not have a ‘before’ picture for you. But I’ll paint you a nice picture: imagine with me if you will: some lovely generic 1993 carpeting covering a flight of 12 stairs, this carpet has experienced high traffic from both people and pets for nearly 25 years….we’ll leave it at that =) My […]

get your deck ready for winter—now is the time!

Our new house got a new deck right before we moved in. The old one was pretty nasty I guess and it had poor drainage which resulted in a wet garage. Fortunately, (hopefully!) the drainage problem was addressed when the deck was replaced, but I suppose we shall see when spring thaw rolls around. Here’s […]

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